Aerosmith releases new album with Johnny Depp

http://tanakamusic.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Aerosmith.jpgThe American hard rock band, Aerosmith, has prepared a new album that will be released in November and will have as guest, and special partner, the actor Johnny Depp.

The month of November is becoming a month full of new music and could not miss the appointment an old rock such as Aerosmith group that just out of the oven, nice and warm, which will be his fifteenth album in his musical career.

"Music From Another Dimension", this is the title of the new album of the band consists of Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Joey Kramer (drums) and Brad Whitford (guitar). But we should add a new member to this legendary band since Johnny Depp has become a regular contributor to the band and away, on more than one occasion in the recording of the new album.

http://www.rockaxis.com/imagenes/1346765575_aero.jpgIt's not something new for the group or for Aeromisth fans, and it is not the first time they were seen together at a concert and playing on stage. This duality, or rather a marriage that has been thriving with the passage of time and has produced good feelings in every concert where group and actor have been present.

The album is produced by Jack Douglas, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry. It contains fifteen new songs, two of which, "Oh Yeah" and "Legendary Child", have been released in their last tour in Global Warming Tour and occasional television as musical talent program "American Idol" . No one can say that the songs are not children of their father, because the characteristic style of the band is steeped in every one of the songs, both in their songs and in the more rhythmic melodic. And the voice of Steven Styler giving more life to songs. 

Eleven years had to pass before the group was put to work and made ​​an album that puts goosebumps. Besides the songs already mentioned, others like "Out Go the Lights", "Luv XXX", "We All Fall Down", "Street Jesus" and "Can not Stop Loving You" with Steven Tyler singing a duet with American singer pop country music, Carrie Underwood. In the song "Freedom Fighter" Johnny Depp is who becomes the star collaborating with rock band.

http://c684645.r45.cf2.rackcdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/johnny.jpgJoe Perry says, "It's the album we wanted to do since we met in 1984. We can not complain of the achievements or the loyalty of our fans, but it's hard to imagine in 1325 Commonwealth Avenue." 1325 Commonwealth Avenue referred to in reference to the first address of the group, where they lived five components and wrote his first song.

It has taken almost twenty years to produce it but the result is expected from this band, always with a very high level of quality in every new job that makes music Aerosmith.

On 6 November is the date chosen for the ticket sales worldwide of "Music From Another Dimension" and in its deluxe version includes four live videos ("Rats In The Cellar", "Train Kept A Rollin", "Oh Yeah" and "Same Old Song and Dance"), exclusive interviews with group members and three bonus tracks: "Up On A Mountain", "Oasis" and "Sunny Side of Love".  

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