The actors of "Modern Family" get a succulent raise

http://ocio.lne.es/img_contenido/noticias/2012/07/103698/2012_07_29_IMG_2012_07_29_153A563A05_modern_13.jpgThe cast of actors who starred in the American TV series "Modern Family", which airs on Fox Television, has won the battle against the television to see their salaries increased more than twice what they were earning for each chapter recorded.

Lights, camera... and action!. Again, the family's most modern television sets to work after they have achieved their objective to get Fox to increase the salary of each of the actors after they submit a lawsuit against the U.S. television network. 

The six main actors: Sofia Vergara, Ed O'Neill, Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet, paralyzed the recording of the chapters of the fourth season and reported in the Los Angeles Superior Court to the producer as having illegal contracts because they could not negotiate pay increases in the terms in which they chose to. 

http://www.dentrotele.com/wp-content/uploads/modern-family-happy-blog.jpgBut before the blood reached the river, the producer of the Fox got in touch with stakeholders to reach an agreement in which both have left benefit.

 First, the actors and charged a very reasonable amount, but not enough for each chapter filmed so far. According to The Hollywood Reporter website, the previous salary per episode filmed was $ 65,000, about 53,000 euros per chapter. Now, after the renegotiation of contract, each chapter is increased to $ 150,000, about 122,000 euros. 

But not the whole story here, because you have to add the extras that can charge each actor. To what has been provided above, we must add some of the profits generated by the series, reaching the cipher of $ 170,000. Even, Ed O'Neill, Sofia Vergara's husband in the series, which originally did not join the lawsuit because it charged a higher amount, $ 105,000, the other fellow to be known for shows like "Married with Children" he ended up with the same salary as all of them. 

And that everything was in a balanced manner, the production company has also negotiated on their behalf and also to get an amount less than that demanded by the actors (200,000 dollars), the new agreement commits the cast of actors to record a season, eight compared with seven previously negotiated. But as no two without three, the division will again increase your salary up to the not inconsiderable amount of $ 350,000, about 284,113 euros per episode recorded during the fourth season.

http://telediscreta.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/modernfamily.jpgWorst of all is that now he will rebel against what they are charging per episode are smaller players. 

The young actors, Rico Rodriguez, Nolan Gould and Ariel Winter, also have tried to imitate their "parents" so you also will want to "eat" the sumptuous cake of the negotiations by asking for a raise. They are now charging an average of $ 10,000 per episode recorded and their intentions is to collect $ 12,000 per episode, less than 10,000 euros. 

All actors, directors and producers have been victorious in the battle to keep shooting the fourth season of "Modern Family" to be released in America next September 26.

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