Rock in Rio Madrid moves to the sound of Lenny Kravitz and Mana

http://static.ellahoy.es/ellahoy/fotogallery/625X0/47179/cartel-rock-in-rio-madrid-2012.jpgThe town of Arganda del Rey in Madrid, hosts from this Saturday the third festival Rock in Rio Madrid with a large audience and emcees like Mana and Lenny Kravitz with a great public success.

From 15:00 hours the doors opened at Rock in Rio Madrid to timidly music lovers regardless of age, were going into the hall where the festival takes place to be, between races, as close as possible and do my best to all the singers that have happened on this day. 

At 17:00 h., David Otero "El Pescao" opened the first day of the festival on the main stage, the World Stage, to be followed throughout the afternoon and in that order, Maldita Nerea, La Oreja de Van Gogh and Macaco.

http://imagenes.lavanguardia.es/lavanguardia/img/20100604/jpcarbonell0506104.JPGBut the highlights of the night were the American singer Lenny Kravitz and the Mexican group Mana, at which time the campus has had an influx of visitors wanting to spend a night quite warm but full of good music. 

The sponsors of this macro have filled the entire venue for public activities such as take a picture with an electric guitar, "surf" or literally thrown on the audience up on stage mat. 

Walking around one of the stands we could see double Lenny Kravitz, David Guetta and Rihanna, to whet your appetite before their performances why not just have enjoyed the performances of these aforementioned groups but these days there Rock in Rio, urban dance in the new proposal Street Dance, classical music from the hand of a string quartet, or the ability to see a science fiction film in 360 degrees are other options macrofestival variegated in Arganda .

http://fotos02.levante-emv.com/fotos/noticias/646x260/2012-06-30_IMG_2012-06-30_13:19:46_lenny.jpgIn Zone E, one of the novelties of this third edition, it will stop and electro house for all who pass by his door, with a vinyl surrounded by six gigantic gramophones, can dance like you would in a nightclub.

And as in any of the major musical events, the "merchandising" with the logo of the festival, expressed in T-shirts, key chains and bags, and the slogan could already read in the 2010 edition, "I was there," was another the claims of the public who thronged the outlets there around the room.

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