Justin Bieber interrupted an interview to a humorous question about his mother

http://www.blogcdn.com/blog.music.aol.com/media/2012/06/justin-bieber-200-052112.jpgJustin Bieber makes it into trouble in a media and this time has been on a U.S. radio station and a program called Mojo in the morning presented by broadcaster Tom Carballo, to hang up the phone after a humorous question the presenter made ​​the singer.

If Justin Bieber wants to remain at the top of all news and rumors, it is getting its own merits and because after that benelovente angel eyes lies a person who does not accept a joke, no sense of humor, and his words are far from satisfactory if, on other occasions, he was invited to sing at festivals and events for children and adolescents.

Tomas Carballo, the radio host of Mojo in the morning, had managed to arrange a telephone interview with Canadian singer Justin Bieber. It seemed that the interview was going well but it did not have a good start as the host of the program, trying to praise, telling Justin began to hear her song "Boyfriend" thought it was Justin Timberlake who sang at his voice and not to take it as a compliment to what the singer, still a teenager, he replied, "Man! .... that's crazy because our voices do not sound the same. I mean, saying it sounds like someone else is not really a compliment".

http://www.revistateen.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/bieber-ftr-FFN_Bieber_Justin2_AAR_061512_9197662120629181306.jpgYet the interview continued and far kinder ways to manage it, became a war of words when Carballo suggested that Bieber's mother could be in the spotlight One Direction singer, who has confessed that he liked older women. Justin rather than take it as a joke, as anyone could have done, began to say things unintelligible on the phone and something was heard from the presenter's mother: "I think you should worry that I'm after your mother, brother.". If you can read, this phrase is of American teen movie something that arose from him personally.

The announcer, Carballo, replied to Justin: "Justin, my mother is dead, so I think that would not work".

At that time Justin left the phone and hung up leaving with the word in the mouth to the show's host. The next call was a representative of the singer said: "Hi, Justin was a bit annoyed with the question and probably not coming back.".

For fans of Justin Bieber generally do not begin to destroy everything in its path looking to hang the mainmast the presenter Tomas Carballo, commenting that the "girlfriend" of Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, a couple of days was joking with that question about the mother of her "boyfriend".

The Disney star that was seen responding to the question by showing that better sense of humor that Justin Bieber and throwing a dart poisoned her "competition": "So I says Justin, Harry Styles is not interested in young girls ( ...) Both Justin and I still have mothers who are good and Justin said, 'Harry could have been one of my best friends, but we need to have him with his career away from our mothers", said Selena told The Mirror .


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