Anderson Cooper, CNN journalist, confirms his homosexuality

United States, CNN, television, Anderson CooperThe journalist of CNN and host of 360 ° which airs on the same channel, Anderson Cooper, has stated publicly that he is gay in a letter to his friend, also confessed as gay, Andrew Sullivan, who published this Monday on The Daily Beast.

The oldest presenter of CNN, Anderson Cooper, who never speaks of his private, wanted to give by settled an issue that had long been thinking and saying publicly through a U.S. newspaper to confirm that he is gay. 

Renowned American television presenter, said he had kept his homosexuality a secret for personal and professional reasons. He explained how he worked to keep his private life secret and its use for over 20 years without it affecting your preferences. 

Cooper has long been the target of many rumors about his sexual orientation. He wrote that in a perfect world this would be no problem, but there is a value to "stand up and be counted." In this case, Cooper wanted to stand up and take it into account public opinion and silence many mouths that now no longer have to talk about.

United States, CNN, television, Anderson CooperThe presenter, in the letter published in The Daily Beast says: "The fact is that I'm gay, I have always been and always will be, and could not be happier and be more comfortable with myself, and proud." 

The reporter also mentioned in the letter that at some point he felt ashamed of his sexual orientation and for quite some time although it was rumored about his sexuality, said that he was not as important to share "something so intimate." 

One of the key phrases of the whole letter is one that talks about his way of being and about your privacy and transparency, "I still consider myself a private person and I hope this does not mean the end of my little personal space (...) but I do believe that visibility is important, more important to present my shield of privacy as a reporter." 

Anderson Cooper, 45, has been a war correspondent and has covered conflicts such as genocide in Rwanda, the Iraq War, the disaster of Hurricane Katrina and several presidential elections, a journalist who also have their own news program on CNN , 360, presents "Anderson", an interview over the weekend. 

For now, the news network has not ruled on the matter.

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