"Yesterday" was born in the toilet, according to a former companion of The Beatles

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_wD1FW8ycsOQ/TUMS0-VU0wI/AAAAAAAAAqQ/QbB4wfSock8/s1600/The-Beatles-Yesterday-319981.jpgThe better-known legendary Beatles ballad "Yesterday", could be developed in a toilet by singer and bass player Paul McCartney has told DPA as a former fellow of the British group from Liverpool.

The music never ceases to amaze for the birth of new songs, new remixes of current songs and old or simply by statements of members and former members of bands such as The Beatles.

According to the musician Tony Sheridan says in his audio book "The Beatles - Die Audiostory": "On the floor of his then girlfriend, Jane Asher, Paul McCartney dreamed one night in 1964 the tune of the century. In the morning, as he sat in the toilet, he sang softly.".

Sheridan, who is now 72, adds that Paul McCartney was told years ago in a very personal conversation.

The amazing thing about all this revelation is that the original version of "Yesterday" was titled "Scrambled Eggs". Sheridan believes that probably he thought that title was because McCartney's girl, in this moment of creativity for the singer, preparing breakfast for two and one morning delicacies were scrambled eggs, a nice touch from your partner. But the song eventually ended up calling "Yesterday" and which lent itself better to the rhymes.

According to statements made while Paul McCartney, said: "Yesterday" was created in a dream he had. Nobody can deny that he dreamed the melody itself while I was dreaming but little we can imagine that the title of the song could have ended up being called "Scrambled Eggs". Creation would have been a little surreal when it concerns one of the best ballads of all time. Perhaps we finish with indigestion.

Tony Sheridan, participated as a singer in the first commercial recordings of The Beatles. The Liverpool group also accompanied him on several singles under the name The Beat Brothers. The greatest success of Tony Sheridan and The Beat Brothers was "My Bonnie" in 1961.

Sheridan kept in contact with the Beatles and even he was support in some of their actions.

We should always have on hand a pen and paper or iPad, in these modern times, because you never know where someone can find the inspiration to realize a great success.


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