Venezuela treated as criminals to the Spanish group Sôber

Venezuela just an example of how not to treat a band or any type of person who wants to go to that country. The Spanish group Sôber is an example of group that has been treated foul by the Venezuelan authorities when they went to perform two concerts in that country.

The Last Tour International promoter has been reported that the alternative rock band from Madrid Sôber has had to cancel two scheduled concerts had in the Venezuelan cities of Caracas and Valencia recent days 1 and 2 June because they were denied entry into the country "despite having all the proper papers".

While in Spain have followed all necessary bureaucratic indications of the Consulate to go to Venezuela without any problems, the musicians were forced to remain at the airport and cancel two concerts, no one came to tell them the reason for retention of the band. "After almost 24 hours of fighting and exhaust all resources to be let in" Venezuela, the band had to give up by not prosper any negotiations with the authorities.

http://www.teinteresa.es/musica/Venezuela-entrada-banda-madrilena-Sober_TINIMA20120604_0453_5.jpgIn the same statement, the developer explained their treatment at Sôber in Venezuela, "they were treated as criminals, with police guarding them, unable to sleep or access your luggage" in Caracas Simon Bolivar International Airport.

The Venezuelan developer is already working to return the money and in the coming days, report in relation to tickets purchased through the web tuticket.com and other outlets. "We're still trying to solve everything and seeing what can be done. If we had security, the idea, of course, would be to try to schedule concerts in Venezuela", said the developer in an interview with Efe Agency. 

They emphasize, too: "It is a sad reality that we live at present small and medium producers. We could not see them at any time, only through mobile phones kept us notified, they sent us pictures and constantly kept an admirable attitude, although they were treated as criminals". 

Leaving aside this altercation in distant lands, the band plans Sôber the next concert in the Plaza de Biscós, in the town of Jaca (Huesca), Spain, the next day 28. The concert will be completely free and will be made within a tour that aims to "meet the demands" of the followers and offer a tribute. 

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