Tom Cruise will act in "Top Gun 2"

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qmtn5oxIuNs/TofOFhY6kzI/AAAAAAAAABI/DmTI41wX33E/s1600/Maverick-Top-Gun.jpgTom Cruise has confirmed that is, again, under the command of director Tony Scott to film, nearly three decades later, the second part of Top Gun.

Tom Cruise brings us one surprise. A few days ago it was learned that the American actor involved in the remake of the western "The Magnificent Seven" when he has just given the news tha will act on the second part of "Top Gun" the which premiered in 1986.

"We are working on it. Let's see what happens, if we can get on with the script and we got", said the actor told the MTV when asked by the sequel to "Top Gun" at the premiere of the musical "Rock of Ages". Not only will be under the command of British director Tony Scott but also the producer of the film is, again, Jerry Bruckheimer.

But the surprises do not come singly, the other protagonist of the prequel, Val Kilmer (Tom "Iceman" Kazanski), and expressed interest back in this sequel, "Sure, it would be fun. Would have to cut my hair but .. . all for the sequel.". Tom Cruise, as a child with new shoes for wanting to fly back again with one of those planes, said: "It would be fun to be in those planes. I want to fly those planes!" 

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQrDBUtYxDxQhdzPKjLFWYcGWEmXUmiB2JHSIcnjTjrAbSs_2W-IDgkwcUM2w"Top Gun" was a real blockbuster in the world with $ 350 million dollars. Everything really crazy at that time, moreover, was the first major commercial success of Tony Scott, the younger brother of film director Ridley Scott. And thanks to this movie, Tom Cruise was the consecration in the film world after participating in such films as "Risky Business", "Rebels" or "Legend" which was directed by older brother Scott.

Just missing the actress, Kelly McGillis also participate in the sequel to "Top Gun" and the air film trio together again, this time with almost thirty years. We have to wait if three decades later still have the same sex appeal to win over fans of that era and today. Sure.

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