Sesame Street ... The movie?

http://www.ecartelera.com/images/noticias/fotos/11000/11079/1.jpgAccording to a Web publication The Hollywood Reporter, 20th Century Fox is planning to film the best known children's program on worldwide television, seeing the good results they are giving their fellow Muppets.

Better late than never. That is precisely what happened with the characters of foam children's television program "Sesame Street" created by the late Jim Henson in 1969 and still currently still active.

If it had long fame on television for children was indisputable, it is the turn to do the same on the big screen by the hand of one of the historical writers of the program, Joey Mazzarino, who will be responsible for writing the script of the film.

At the moment there is already a charge of carrying out this new project for Fox, director and producer Shawn Levy, who has made ​​films like "Pink Panther" or the two parts of "Night at the Museum", but that available only considered one of the producers of the film with Michael Aguilar, Mark Gordon and Guymon Casady.

http://imagenes.sensacine.com/r_450_x/medias/nmedia/18/91/40/85/20143966.jpgGrover, Bert and Ernie, Count, Cookie Monster, Elmo and Oscar, are preparing to jump to the big screen and emulate Muppets have reaped so much success with their eponymous film "The Muppets" reaching a total revenue in rooms by above 150 million dollars, which meant a return above 300% of the value of initial production.

Although not the first time any of the components of Sesame Street makes its foray into film. Since there were other films like "Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird" (1985) where the protagonist was Big Bird and "Elmo in Grouchland" (1999), which, as the title suggests, the protagonist was the Elmo doll red looking for his blue blanket.

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