New single from Justin Bieber, plagiarized from an old song by Michael Jackson

If everyone thought the only person who could discover plagiarism was Madonna against Lady Gaga, and she can make life miserable, you are all very wrong. Here is the Canadian singer Justin Bieber who with his new single plagiarizes dramatically to an old song by Michael Jackson when he was still a teenager.

The expected new single from Justin Bieber "Die in your arms" from his new album "Believe" has become a plagiarism, rhythmically, in all respects to an old Michael Jackson song titled "We've got a good thing going" found on the album "Ben" was published in August 1972 on the Motown label.

In fact, you can listen to two songs separately or in unison and are almost equal. So do not believe that the creators of the song say I did not look anything like each other why would they try to make up all the comment.

"Everything I do is directly influenced by Michael Jackson", said Justin Bieber in a statement to Forbes magazine. Justin now has the opportunity to demonstrate that it is influenced by the King of Pop.

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-im_LGUXeYbs/TfKwgiglBsI/AAAAAAAAIEo/qKIqEr6mPwk/s1600/1.jpgNot that this is the first time an artist plagiarized another artist in a book, movie, music video or song, as we have cases well known and which has given so much to talk about.

 First we have the eternal case of Madonna saying, over and over again, Lady Gaga has plagiarized some of his songs as if "Express Yourself" with the song "Born this way". Since the birth of hip hop and rap, producers have attempted to draw any inspiration plagística of the rhythms of R & B black. Take the case of Beyoncé "Crazy in Love" which was a "little" plagiarism "Are You My Woman?" sung by the group The Chi Lites. Alicia Keys with his song "New York" "borrowed" a sampler of a song by Jay-Z on "Empire State of Mind" which, in turn, borrowed from the band The Moments whose song was "Love on A Two Way Street" published in 1970. Mariah Carey "Emotions" also sampling the tune of "Best of My Love" smooth soul group The Emotions. A nice way to make a tribute, Mariah Carey, the song title the same as the name of the group. We could go on but better stop here.

For that reason, do not get insulted anybody, that none of the fans of Justin Bieber begins to run as a hysterical to kill the messenger and start remembering the mother of insulting anyone or any of those who have discovered this "plagiarism "because it is very common in the art world, in this case in the music world and in this particular case, of Justin Bieber.

Here's the sample:


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