Madonna shows her breast at the concert in Turkey

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/madonna-se-prepara-para-llegar-en-forma-a-la-super-bowl/2012_1_25_QkgRBLu4vjvT608HfRzNl5.jpg?width=645&height=645&type=flat&id=gdZ285mwnpeGB0ROHlcgB&time=1327500078&project=lainformacionU.S. singer Madonna continues to cause controversy wherever it goes and all that speaks. This time has been offered a concert in Istanbul, Turkey, where the queen of pop sparked anger and euphoria of those who were enjoying the concert. In this case really enjoyed.

Madonna is on tour through the world and this time it was the turn of the Turkish capital, Istanbul.

How could it be otherwise, the singer was on stage giving their all and to the delight of the people who came to see. So much so that continued to show the models developed by herself and the designer John Paul Gaultier. And this time, Madonna was something clothes lightly.

So much so that nothing stood in her bra while taking off her clothes was the singer with one hand, the other put up the microphone with which she sang. 

The white jacket, something that held her bra and began to dance so that her breasts bounced freely even if it took the bra. At one point in the song stretches the bra strap and seeing that the public was quite euphoric decides, very angelically, download a clip showing part of her right breast and, in turn, putting face not hurt a fly. 

But not everyone liked the gesture he made. This attitude got the wing discontent conservative Islamic country. Religious leaders condemned the scene and commented that Madonna is not welcome to his country for not following their religion.


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