Madonna makes her concert in Tel Aviv, at a summit of Middle East peace

http://estaticos.elmundo.es/elmundo/imagenes/2012/05/31/cultura/1338446571_0.jpgMadonna has offered her first concert of the world tour "MDNA" in Tel Aviv, Israel, turning her musical show in a message of peace to the Middle East. Although she took the stage accompanied the stage armed men splashed with blood.

Angel or devil, good girl or bad girl, praying or banging with a hammer, so was Madonna's first concert in the land of Israel. A concert at the Ying and Yang has given everything of herself to show the world that still has lots of energy to give and offer up stages all over the world.

The American singer Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone it has been qualified as a class 9 earthquake in the musical scale to see that at 54 years old, do not know if she likes to say her age, a strong earthquake caused over stage, starting with a "Ok, Tel Aviv are you ready?" to a packed stadium in Ramat Gan and offering a spectacle of light, color and special effects for two hours non-stop frenetic pace, as well as studying the different models, exclusively, the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Jeremy Scott and of course , his clothing label, Truth or Dare, designed for this great event which changed 7 times from clothing to emulate Joan of Arc or disguise majorette.

The show, which made ​​a long speech in favor of peace in the Middle East began with a large censer swinging across the stage and moved by dancers dressed as monks while sounding prayers in Hebrew before a large cross, recalling his song and its so controversial music video "Like a Virgin" which also was played in concert with air funeral and violin accompaniment.

Thus began a waste of energy in which two ideas, the profane and the divine, and two religions, Judaism and Christianity, were mixed and constantly intertwined in a mixture of film, music and choreography.

No lack of songs from her new album "MDNA" along with his greatest hits. Of the first "Girl Gone Wild" to "Celebration" closing. 

But the surprises did not end in the great concert she gave, no. At 45 minutes into the concert came time Euskera, a language spoken in the Basque Country, at north of Spain. The singer presented the French Basque trio Kalakan, who had been in love when she made a visit to the north of the Pyrenees, who accompanied the rhythm of "Open Your Heart" and linked to your topic in Euskera "Sagarra Jo". The 33,000 spectators amazed, heard for the first time, singing and talking in Euskera. 

At that time, the concert was stopped to give way to a speech in favor of peace. Madonna, making a goodwill ambassador between all countries and particularly in the Middle East, said: "I chose to start my world tour in Israel for a very special and specific reason. All disputes have been for thousands of years in East means have to end (...). We are all human beings, whether Jews, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, homosexuals, heterosexuals ... we all want to love and be loved.". 

http://static3.plasticosydecibelios.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/madonna-mdna-tour-tel-aviv-03-280x233.jpgAnd she continued: "It's easy to say "I want peace in the world", but another thing to do. If we go over our countries and our religions and treat all human beings around us with dignity and respect, will be in the way of peace. Begin today, each and every one of you, you are the future. and if there is peace in the Middle East can be none in the world. Please remember it.". 

But it was not all holiness and good manners at the concert, of course not. Madonna once again, attacked her "archenemy" Lady Gaga so much so that in one of his songs included some words of the songs from Mother Monster.

Madonna took the opportunity to mess with the New York singer. In allusion to the many comparisons between them, shouting "I'm not her!" Madonna sang at the end of the song "Express Yourself", which amended expressly to include a sampling of recent Lady Gaga song "Born This Way". In this way she wants to make peace between people of the Middle East but she keeps her private war against Lady Gaga. 

Although there are also some criticism for Madonna why, again, it is said that this concert, like many others, is not she who sings but a play-back made ​​and studied until the last second to not notice anything on the stage. Still, Madonna, at 54 still in great shape and still moves around the stage like a teenager at her birthday party.

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