Lindsay Lohan hospitalized after a car accident

http://img.emol.com/2012/06/08/lindsay-lohan-ap_165653.jpg According to latest information from the website TMZ, actress Lindsay Lohan has had a spectacular car accident on Pacific Coast Highway, California, and currently is in the emergency room of a hospital in Los Angeles. The medical diagnosis of the actress is stable.

A tire Lindsay Lohan's car broke down and after he crashed his black Porsche drive a truck 18-wheeler while driving on Pacific Highway in Los Angeles. The shock was so strong that even the passenger window was shattered, like the bumper, the car was partially damaged.

Despite the spectacular crash, according to information from TMZ, the actress is in good condition and that visits to hospital emergency is a precaution, since it was not necessary that the actress was transferred by ambulance.

A witness says that both Lindsay and her assistant were beaten and bleeding. The second was on his way by ambulance to hospital.


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