Kylie Minogue nude in her Twitter

http://biotelevision.es/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Kylie-Minogue.jpgKylie Minogue has starred in a photo shoot for the magazine "Glamour" and he wished to show up to the social network a very suggestive and provocative photo that makes the imagination run alone.

The singer and actress Kylie Minogue wanted to teach his audience that all is still great at 44 years and what better way than going to your Twitter account a picture of her and her mother brought her to the world. In this way Kylie has raised the temperature of the environment and social network messages are not coming.

It seems to be fashionable for artists to start having a few years old and do not want want to show all their fans that remain and are still as young from the day they were released.

With just a black boa lying on a fur rug singer suggests how great it is and as it still looks like well her body at 44 years, but bad lighting completely obscures the face of the singer. 

But it was not the only photo you have uploaded to your Twitter account since in another photograph, the singer drops the skirt of her dress while the photographer immortalizes the moment. The picture is somewhat more modest than the one before that only wearing fishnet stockings.

As a message, the singer has written on her account: "Behind the scenes of the session to Glamour magazine. Courtesy of Simon Emmet.". A pretty nice courtesy

They say that in the small boat, and do not tell the height of the singer who care little observing the beauty of Kylie, is the good jam and poison. Each one you choose what to use. 


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