Hugh Laurie wants to be the bad guy in "Robocop"

http://www.ecartelera.com/images/noticias/fotos/11000/11027/1.jpgBritish actor Hugh Laurie wants to put aside his evil doctor character but effective way to become the ultimate villain of the new version of the movie "Robocop". Laurie joins the list of heavyweights in the remake will also participate in the Samuel L. Jackson and Joel Kinnaman.

 The doctor's most deluded of television has taken the final closure to the series "House" in its eighth season, leaving the possibility that the lead actor, Hugh Laurie, can be opened to new possibilities and new challenges in the world of film and in the musical world, where it has begun a world tour where Hugh Laurie sings, plays piano and guitar and is accompanied by an excellent band of musicians.

As reported by the web Variety, MGM is determined to sign for Hugh Laurie to embody the villain in the remake of "Robocop" to be led by Brazilian filmmaker Jose Padilha. Laurie is in negotiations to play the ultimate villain of this remake filmed in 1987 Paul Verhoeven.

http://cdn.theatlanticcities.com/img/upload/2012/04/06/detroit_robocop_statue/largest.JPGIf negotiations reach fruition Hugh Laurie became Dick Jones, the president of Omni Corp, the company responsible for carrying out the project of Robocop. Dick Jones is an ambitious and heartless man who tries to use to Robocop for their own interests and in the original version of the film was played by American actor Ronny Cox.

Thus Hugh Laurie would face to the new Robocop played by actor James Vanderbilt.

The director Jose Padilha said a few months ago about the movie in an interview with film website ComingSoon: "In the first Robocop, when Alex Murphy is shot look a little hospital and stuff and then cut everything, and it appears as Rocobop. My film will enter that space how is RoboCop? What can be done to turn a man into a robot? how can we really deprive humanity of a person and how you can schedule a brain?". 

It is expected that the new version is released in the summer of 2013. 

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