The group Megadeth stopped playing by the aggression of the public

http://mexicolindonews.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/megadeth.jpgThe U.S. thrash metal group Megadeth, had to desist from further performing on stage at the Metalfest in Croatia, following the violent atmosphere that was generated among the public to the point of attacking singer.

Metalfest metal festival celebrated in Croatia, was headlining the thrash metal group Megadeth and other groups associated with this style of music.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-puPSLcXXdqY/T9Cn0OkrFRI/AAAAAAAAE6Q/K_jk5KSmTdw/s1600/megadeth%2Bcroatia.jpgEverything was going fine until the public's behavior began to develop to a level of vandalism with shouts and jeers against the singer, Dave Mustaine, so much so that this kind of uncontrolled crowd began to throw stones on stage with such bad luck that one of protectiles went to the singer's head. Luckily, everything was just a scare.

For this reason, the American band stopped playing and left the stage watching the violent nature that was being organized among a public increasingly rude, indecent and enraged.

The aggression of the public to the group Megadeth amidst the wild crowd chants demanding that the American heavy metal band led by Blackie Lawless, WASP, appeared on stage after the release of certain rumors that the leader of this group refused to perform at the event moments after an alleged argument with Dave Mustaine. This has not been confirmed by any source but the savagery of a minority group of brainless characters did cause damage and a bad image on a metal music festival. 

In the video we can see from minute 5 the environment begins to change and become more violent and vandalism until they begin to chant the name of the WASP group. From minute 10 to begin these unhinged and the group stops playing Megadeth to disappear from the stage.

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