Elvis Presley will resurrect as a hologram

http://webinteresante.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/elvis-presley.jpgThe King of Rock, Elvis Presley back to life by the hand of a prestigious American award-winning special effects company to create a hologram of the singer and the delight of the public present.

The company Digital Domain Media Group (DDMG), entrepreneurial firm and got the late rapper Tupac Shakur resurrected in a performance during last year's Coachella festival, has signed and announced on Wednesday an agreement to return to life icon music.

For that Elvis is not just a hologram of many artists who have died, CORE DDMG Media Group have commented that produce ""a series of portraits" virtual "Elvis Presley for a variety of entertainment projects, from entertainment productions and presentations film, television and multiple platforms worldwide."

http://top-people.starmedia.com/tmp/swotti/cacheZWX2AXMGCHJLC2XLEQ==UGVVCGXLLVBLB3BSZQ==/imgElvis%20Presley1.jpgJack Soden, director of Elvis Presley Enterprises, a division of Media Core Media Group, said: "This is an exciting new way to relive the magic and music of Elvis Presley". In addition to getting many benefits from the figure of the singer since he died on August 16, 1977, continues to sell millions of records worldwide and every year many editing compilations with all its successes, in the original or remixed with the rhythms of contemporary music. At present, sales of its success over a billion records sold. 

Add, too, in the statement: "His lifelong fans will again be happy and find a new audience of Elvis electrical experience, the artist".

After the experience with the presentation of the hologram of rapper Shakur, who died in 1996 and it seemed to be really on stage, which surprised many music fans in the Music and Arts Festival Coachella Valley, in the month April. Such digital 3D deployment triggered speculation about whether all the dead celebrities could return to life, both for shows and for other specific events.

So if the imagination can reach the absolute limits, it is not surprising that soon we can return to see artists like Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson or the recently deceased, Donna Summer and Whitney Houston singing again on stage to the delight of her fans and future generations. Who knows if all together, and others, end up making a video clip beneficial for those most in need, as was done in his time, but to all living artists, in "We Are the World". Everything can be possible.

In this video of American musical talent program "American Idol" can we see Celine Dion singing a duet with Elvis Presley in a near-real visual assembly in the near future can be realized.

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