Eduard Khill, "Mr. Trololo", dies at age 77

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-980_x6xS-I0/T8xi_ej-EEI/AAAAAAAAACY/fj-YYCiwFZM/s1600/Eduard%2BKhil.jpgEduard Khill, better known as "Mr. Trololo" has died in St. Petersburg at age 77 after last April suffered a stroke that kept him in a coma until his death.

Eduard Khil Anatolyevich, baritone singer and Russian actor, born in Smolensk on September 4, 1934, before being known worldwide, he has already had success in Russia during the 60s and 70s as a singer and actor. He starred in several films and received numerous awards. It reached second place in the international song festival Sopot in 1965 and received the Order of Red Banner of Labor in 1971. In 1974, he was named People's Artist of the USSR.

Although Eduard reaped success during those two decades in Russia with a successful life that led him to give concerts in over 80 countries, acting in several movies and numerous plays. Mr Trololo retired from public life in the early 90's. Until 1997 he worked in a cafe in Paris until he joined his son and the pop band Peprinaki.

http://img.metro.co.uk/i/pix/2012/06/04/article-1338815690650-13714ED2000005DC-419059_636x468.jpgThe video, which made him famous throughout the world, even you can see from the Youtube web, is not a video of a few years ago. The video data of the 70, namely the Soviet era dates from 1976 and that the Soviets had banned even sing in English. But intelligence commands above all and above all, censorship, and Eduard was smart. Since Eduard could not sing, he hummed it.

The song titled "I Am glad, cause I'm finally Returning back home", but better known as "Trololo" refers to a cowboy riding his horse back to his farm, however, the Soviet Union, with its intelligence mechanisms based on the Cold War against the United States rejected this point because of its relationship with the latter. So without thinking twice, Eduard Khil not compose lyrics for the melody and simply link a series of Tro-lo-lo one after the other.
But in late 2009, the Trololo him out again to light. Eduard learned of his internet fame when he heard his grandson humming the song.
Unfortunately, on May 30 met the news that Eduard Khil had joined the Institute for Scientific Research in Neurosurgery Polenov St. Petersburg after suffering an ictus that left him in coma with irreversible brain damage until yesterday when we learned his death.

In addition to the song known as "Trololo", Khill had other major successes in Russia as "Moonstone", "Wood Cutters" and "On an old friend".
Here we can see him in the original video was recorded in the 70's and another with the same song in a special New Year 2012. Everyone to choose the one you like.
Eduard Khill rest in peace.

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