Angelina Jolie talks about World Refugee Day - June 20

http://cdn-elle.ladmedia.fr/var/plain_site/storage/images/societe/news/angelina-jolie-en-mission-en-thailande-pour-l-onu/10803705-1-fre-FR/angelina_jolie_en_mission_en_thailande_pour_l_onu_mode_une.jpgAngelina Jolie, as an ambassador for the UN peacekeeping says in this video, briefly, what is the hardness of a refugee in any country in the world that are in internal or external conflict.

The actress Angelina Jolie shows us and invites us in this video its most serious, more humane and more solidary

With an immortal phrase, Angelina tells us that nobody chooses to be a refugee in his own country and having to run every day from unnecessary wars that are causing millions of deaths worldwide and millions of refugees who have to wander from country to country until one of them recognizes shelter them in their country.

We are aware that millions of people do not live as we live in the developed world. They just have to feed, just have to survive in a world of warfare. For once, let's get into the shoes of a refugee and learn all at once so you can not live this way. Everyone has the right to adequate housing and live in peace. Do not forget.

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