Will Smith already has new ideas for "Men In Black 4"

http://independenceday.es/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Will-Smith.jpgJust a few days ago has been released in theaters the third film in the series "Men In Black" when the actor Will Smith already has in mind a possible fourth edition, and even many more, from new ideas that Will has in mind for the near future. As said the director's last film.

This was stated by U.S. director Barry Sonnenfeld, responsible for "Men In Black 3" in the interview with the web Comicbookmovie when asked if this third edition was the end of the series or it could be a fourth installment of the franchise. His words were: "Men In Black 3 is the end of the trilogy and ends this part of Men In Black. I think very successfully. But I think Will Smith already has some idea where we can have Men In Black 4, which would very satisfactory, but we'll see".

Sonnenfeld, who has also worked with Will Smith in "Wild Wild West", in the interview does not specify whether the rehash next installment may be a return to the past again, or if it would be a spin-off with a very young Agent K: "I can not really talk about it, but I think everybody will be very satisfied".

With regard to the making of the film in 3D, Sonnenfeld said he felt the film would be much better if was shot in 2D and 3D then passed. For this reason it was not filmed in 3D directly, which allowed him to have much more control over the depth of the scenes. Sonnenfeld explained that this enabled him to use film instead of digital media, and the jump in time was very fun to work because he could have absolute control in post-production.

The director also explained why the main theme of the film was that Will Smith had to go back to 1969 to find Agent K: "The reason specifically to going back to 1969 when it was why it was the launch to the moon and thought it was the first time that humanity really is up to another planetary body. Therefore, if you're from the Men in Black and is making movies about aliens, is a kind of first time we become aliens and left the Earth, so it is. So 1969 was a great time for music, culture, to Andy Warhol. Will get to experience a bit of racism for the first time" .

It is discussed and it is rumored that Barry Sonnenfeld would for a fourth installment of the saga, the son of Will Smith, Jaden Smith, and that in future, it seems to be saga for some time, take the place of his father. "I told that if we succeed with this the following will do it with his son Jaden. Will is very heavy. Let's go back back in time to avoid having to work more with him", joked the director.

Perhaps we have "Men In Black" franchise up for future generations of our children if this continues to be successful in theaters and Will Smith continues to cast in her mind thousands of ideas for subsequent deliveries. May come a time when the aliens end up seeing all past and future films in the series and claim copyright or want to be hired as characters in future film projects instead of using many special effects. We hope that their contracts are not astronomical.

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