Tom Cruise will star in the remake of a classic western

http://www.cinemastric.com/wp-content/uploads/tom_cruise-e1331728043232.jpgActor Tom Cruise wants to go one step further in his film career and actually becomes one of its projects pending with the Metro Goldwyn Meyer, to be the star of the 60 western "The Magnificent Seven".

This American kid as soon as he gets a pair of sunglasses and mounted on a plane as he dresses in black and climbs up the side of a mountain or hanging from a rope to star in the series "Mission Impossible" as that now wants to wear a cowboy hat and shoot right and left in the wild west era.

This is the new fad of the megastar, "The Magnificent Seven", one of the most classic westerns whose original tape was filmed in 1960 by director John Sturges and starring Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Yul Brynner and James Coburn and was about the story of seven men had to face a series of murderous thugs to collect the reward offered by an oppressed people. The same story that takes place in current films but set with spurs, boots, flared pants and a cowboy hat.

Can not tell if "The Magnificent Seven" is the ideal film for Metro Goldwyn Meyer trace the flight to overcome new benefits after the bankruptcy, but some consider it unnecessary for it to become a real blockbuster.

http://www.cineol.net/images/noticias/8473.jpgIt is recalled that the classic western was based on "Seven Samurai" Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa. On that occasion John Sturges was victorious in this ambitious task of transforming a samurai of the Far East to the Wild West gunslingers. While on this occasion, get a film of good quality without introducing a variety of special effects and preserve digital content and the lure of the original film, we believe can be a great movie. Just need to know who the other 6 magnificent accompany him to distant lands.
But Tom Cruise is not content with doing a new remake, but already he has plans announced more remakes like "Van Helsing", "Top Gun 2" and "Mission Impossible 5".

He is currently filming "Oblivion", in which a veteran soldier is sent to a distant planet to stop an alien race. There will review not only its mission but what we really know about yourself. And their agenda seems to be full enough, Tom Cruise is now engaged in new projects such as "Rock of Ages", "One Shot" and "All You Need Is Kill". 

If even with all these film projects, he still has time to give his beautiful smile that goes everywhere promoting their films, hysterical fans will be very happy to have time for all. 

Prepare the horses that Tom Cruise rides again.

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