The "intelligent" Charlize Theron ridicules "El Hormiguero" by Pablo Motos

http://im.wk.io/images/v/67ea8e/charlize-theron-y-kristen-stewart-en-el-hormiguero.jpegThe South African actress Charlize Theron walked around the set of  "El Hormiguero", a Spanish program private television, Antena 3, with actress Kristen Stewart to promote "Snow White and the legend of the hunter", in which the two are the protagonists of the tape. But his great "false" action has been made ​​known to harshly criticize "El Hormiguero" on American television.

Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart were recently Pablo Motos's program to promote a new movie "Snow White and the legend of the hunter" directed by Rupert Sanders. Obvious as it would be ridiculous to bring someone to a television program to "sell" her image when it is not doing anything.

http://media1.onsugar.com/files/2012/05/20/5/192/1922398/7232ce31b76d052d_144708127.preview/i/Kristen-Stewart-Charlize-Theron-El-Hormiguero-Pictures.jpgEverything looked very nice, all very clear, could be seen on television that both actresses were having great fun and the delight of the public who was on set, but Kristen Stewart was in the background to let Charlize Theron became the protagonist, meaningless, the period of the program and interview. But it doesn't turned out well.

The actress gave an interview to the American program of the ABC Jimmy Kimmel Live to once again promote the film and, believe that no one sees the international broadcasters in Spain, dedicated to criticize and ridicule the program "El Hormiguero" after having played a role in front of television cameras. 

Theron said that she knew exactly who was targeted by the program while the presenter's own American and Theron could not stop laughing out loud. In America if you are always defined and know what each program is the target audience and perhaps hence the confusion. But his comments were a plus. 

Before entering the program set in the backstage they told to two actress: "We have to show very strong, turn ye mad!" Astonished them not knowing who directed the program was asked, "But what kind of show is, is for adults or children?". The actress said she replied: "It is for everybody!". Thus ironically imitated the answer they gave, compared to American presenter.

But most head right off to the South African actress was when asked to "dance in sexy plan". "Everybody started to dance sexy music and I thought: This is the target". This upset him more so after having been doing experiments, referring to the section of Brown, with a table of "games of sixth grade chemicals, liquids that wore green or red" most than children. Commented, "mature" Charlize, at humorous presenter. 

Like the American actor Jesse Eisenberg, who in 2010 was promoting "The Social Network", did the same comment in an interview on Conan O'Brien and stated that "the program is designed to humiliate the American guest". As if his ignorance is overrated, to say that the program have turned artists from Spain, as America, France, UK and other countries. 

On the other hand say that other artists have come to the program as actors Will Smith and Hugh Jackman, or the teenage singer Justin Bieber, and they all left the program delighted by the things they did and what fun they had with the presenter and collaborators program like will Smith talked to several artists of the good treatment they received from the whole team. Quite distant from what they said Charlize and Jesse, at the time. 

http://blogs.lainformacion.com/telediaria/files/2012/05/WILL-SMITH-EL-HORMIGUERO-2012.jpgI must say that Will Smith, promoting the film "Man In Black 3" is the third time that he goes to the program and none of the three times he has come to the program has left disappointed, quite the contrary. Besides the very good friendship you have with the presenter Pablo Motos. Also comment that every time Will Smith has been the program has become the largest audience of the day, something will. Meanwhile, Justin Bieber will be the second time you visit the show. Something must fail for these two "stars" comment quite the opposite.

Sometimes beauty hides the most absolute ignorance.

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