PS3 - Starhawk Official Launch Game Trailer

http://www.parentesis.com/imagesPosts/Starhawk.jpgSony, on game development by Lightbox Interactive, presents "Starhawk" for the PS3. The game is the sequel to Warhawk, a game that revolutionizes the way you shoot with the new Build & Battle. Use buildings, weapons and vehicles to shape your battlefield and thus dominate your enemies. Featuring a full choice for single-player Co-op modes and a system of up to 32 users epic multiplayer. Starhawk is an essential game for all fans of the genre.

Starhawk presents us the old story of the gold rush in the Wild West, changing America for space colonies and gold material with a new green energy. If gold became crazy to many search engines, this energy has properties to mutate the miners in a race called Outcasts, we might define as space zombies obsessed with protecting this energy, affectionately called "crusty". By type comic sequences, quite lively for what is often seen when using this resource, we discovered that one of these miners, Emmett Graves and his brother are two of these diggers who are caught once by the Outcast, with a fatal outcome which eventually contaminate partially siblings. Emmett save his life by Cutter, which will amend the wounded body of the hero of the story, maintaining a green fracture that leaves a signal in your body.


From this moment, Emmet will become a hired gun. The outer space is like the West, not only by the many similarities in some scenarios, also by insecurity: Any time a group of Outcast attempt to rob a mine shaft or a floating station as if it were a stagecoach. That's why people like our hero has managed to find a new job, stop these thugs and incidentally discover new details of his past and what happened on the fateful accident in which his life and that of someone close were changed forever.

Starhawk is available from May 8, 2012.

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