"The Pelayos" played it all in a poker game

http://www.cinemastric.com/wp-content/uploads/the-pelayos-poster.jpgMembers of the team players in the Spanish film "The Pelayos" sat at a table playing poker for the presentation of the premiere of the film at all cinemas in Spain. An event that did not want to lose anyone from the hand of the Four Roses brand drinks.

Passed by the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga flattening everything in and out through the front door with great success and critical but not enough for any of the components of the immediate family film of the moment. 

Madrid was the next stop and so noted in the presentation of the film in which, rarely, Spanish film ventures into the genre of game. This time they have played it all on roulette and have managed to capture the bench. 

For the party and the night was a success, Four Roses brought together almost all members of "The Pelayos". Lluis Homar, Miguel Angel Silvestre, Blanca Suarez, Huichi Chui, Oriol Vila, Vincent Romero, director Eduard Cortés and members of the family real Pelayo, participated during a gambling party poker among friends and other well-known faces of world of television and film.

Here you can see some of the highlights of the festival and more gambling poker held in the Palacio Fortuny in Madrid. 

"The Pelayos" is in cinemas across Spain from April 27. Bet on a letter and go to see a film that mixes comedy, drama and thriller in a history of casinos, based on real events.

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