Paul Greengrass directed a documentary about FC Barcelona

Again the sport and film are reunited in a project whose main protagonist FC Barcelona Pep Guardiola and his four years as coach in front of the first team. The British film director Paul Greengrass will be responsible for carrying out this documentary.

Paul Greengrass directed a documentary about the Football Club Barcelona, ​​which will produce the journalist and author John Carlin, besides being the director and sports consultant confessed Barcelona fan, said today at the Cannes Film Festival producer FilmNation.

An explosive mixture fills this character. On one side are British, the other is a big football fan and a third point is that it is a film director who is in possession of three Oscars for his film "The Bourne Ultimatum" in addition to being responsible for films with deep politically charged as the "Green Zone", "Bloody Sunday" or "United 93".

http://www.eldestiladorcultural.es/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/documental-bar%C3%A7a-paul-green.jpgThis time will embark on the adventure of a sports documentary that will relate the adventures Laureate Spanish club sports during the four years that coach Pep Guardiola has been commissioned to lead the team to "the apotheosis of world football" and in which "won everything he could win and took the unanimous admiration". The note also points out that soccer is "by far the world's favorite pastime that unites devotees of all religions, races, cultures and languages".

A documentary that is already in pre-production phase and has begun to be sold at the Festival de Cannes for FilmNation producer who also is behind the new work of Sofia Coppola, "The Bling Ring" and the new film of spanish director Pedro Almodóvar, "Los amantes pasajeros" (Lovers passengers).

Greengrass has said that made ​​"an epic portrait of Barca", which won in all that period no more and no less than thirteen sports titles: in Spain three league titles, three Super Cups and a Copa del Rey and two Champions League, two European Super Cups and two Club World. He adds: "They have given the world a rare glimpse of perfection sport and memories to last as long as football is played".

http://www.abc.es/Media/201205/18/Paul-Greengrass-on-set--644x362.jpgJohn Carlin said: "I know Greengrass, he is British, a great fan of football and needs no persuasion on this issue. As anyone who loves football, is dazzled by the Barca game in recent years. Do not I proposed, just the idea". An idea that is considered a very real project instead of a simple idea spoken in conversation of friends.
Carlin, explaining roughly what will be the documentary, said: "This is to see Barca in the historical perspective of football, how he has taken a step forward in the evolution of the sport and was a landmark in football. This team has dazzled the world and that's what you want to portray in the film".
For sports fans, particularly football, they should wait a while until the document is fully ready and is expected to be its projection in 2014 coinciding with the celebration of the World Cup in Brazil.

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