Natalie Portman is also committed to star in a western

http://elotrocine.cl/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/portman4.jpgThe actress and Oscar winner, Natalie Portman, returns with a very ambitious project in which star in and produce her first Western whose title is probably "Jane got a gun".

It seems that the fever for starring a western is in full swing after Tom Cruise say the actor starring in a classic of the 60 West, "The Magnificent 7".

This time it was the turn to the Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman who, having played almost all kinds of characters, she wants to try her luck with a western and donning a pair of pistols.

The movie possibly be called "Jane got a gun" will be directed by Scottish director Lynne Ramsay film and who directed the acclaimed film "We must talk about Kevin" and a very good film critic.

http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/wennpic/natalie-portman-2012-vanity-fair-oscar-party-01.jpg"Jane got a gun" was included in the "Black List" of 2011. This list is where we find the best scripts that ran out into the production phase. In other words, "damn" movies that is almost impossible to find funding to produce the film. But again, the Cannes Film Festival has returned to Wall Street the movie because in the time that the proposal has been put on the table, has raised considerable interest, as has happened with several studios in Los Angeles . So surely soon will the money on the table to begin with all the run before shooting the film.

The screenplay for "Jane got a gun" is provided by Brian Duffield, who will tell the story of a woman whose husband, a fugitive, returns home wounded by his former band members and on the verge of death. This band look for the husband to "finish the job," so she will be forced to seek help from an ex-boyfriend who had not seen for ten years and that will help fend off the band and meanwhile protect their farm.

Pending which form the beginning of shooting the film, Natalie Portman is immersed in the filming of "Lawless", American director Terrence Malick. Furthermore, waiting for the filming of "Thor 2", the sequel is based on Marvel comic book character.
We can ensure that motherhood of Natalie Portman is setting her very well and the baby did not come with bread under his arm but with a basket full of new film projects.

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