Justin Bieber causes chaos "teenager" in Norway

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-PRM2lhlQZSA/T7mJx9RbweI/AAAAAAAAFVg/biB66hAFesk/s640/justin-bieber-billboard-2012-1.jpgJustin Bieber is in Norway for a concert in "Around the World", a TV special where it recorded the singer at a concert in the city of Oslo, Norway. Furthermore, as has been reported on Twitter, the concert will be free.

Place where they go there they are. Hidden or lurking to the artist, waiting to catch him and be photographed in addition to requesting an autograph shouting. Despite the distance, because they often can not get close enough, eventually causing an atmosphere of mourning and despair as they shout again and again the artist simply because they turn their heads and waved. Thus, through the streets of any city, where they meet, angry and effervescent adolescent female hormones, and some other men, there are also guys who follow him. 

http://www.theimproper.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/Justinbieber-norway.jpgThat is precisely what happened in Norway only know of the existence of Justin Bieber in one of the hotels in the capital. The streets around the hotel are filled with rowdy fans, screaming and uncontrollable crying hoping that the Canadian singer came out to the terrace of the building to greet them. Said and done. 

At the time that Justin has come to greet all those who were expecting their concentrated presence, adolescent hormones have entered a process of boiling and cosmic explosion that caused mass hysteria while the singer greeted over and over all their fans. Three times it has reared to greet everyone as they engaged in a heart with your hands. 

Although the lack of control was total, Justin Bieber, from his Twitter account has advised all fans to please, obey at all times for security forces that misfortune will not occur and that the concert is performed in the most absolute confidence. Something that we believe will be absolutely impossible. 

In addition, Justin has been reported that in his presentation of "Beliebers" can hear two songs from his album "My World" and four unreleased songs that belong to his new album "Believe", which will debut soon. This emphasized that the Norwegian fans will be the first to hear the new songs of the singer. Something that makes understanding the chaotic hysteria organized around the hotel. 

And if not, the video shows that, despite being behind a fence, the fans screamed, cried and jumped up to exhaustion so that their idol will send a greeting and take notice of any of them . 

Justin Bieber is installed in a secret location outside the madness of his fans, and will be taken by helicopter to the scene to record the concert.


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