"Immortals" now on DVD or Blue-Ray

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-LzS8jq42DsI/TbdkE7HymaI/AAAAAAAAADE/BAODFKI_9fI/s1600/Immortals%2BMovie.jpgIt's been some time since "Immortals" will be released in theaters worldwide. Now go back edition DVD and Blu-Ray, a film to be immortal.

Eons after the Titans beat the gods, a new danger threatens the land evil. Mad with power, King Hyperion has declared war on men. After gathering an army composed of bloodthirsty soldiers he commanded disfiguring burns Hyperion Greece in their path while looking for a weapon of unimaginable power, the legendary bow Epirus, made by Ares Olympus. The man who owns this bow you can free the Titans, who are locked behind the walls of Mount Tartarus from the beginning of time and call for revenge.


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