The European Environment Commission advises us through music

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_TN75VEflB8I/TSR7FDstOCI/AAAAAAAAAUw/M7zDm2j9_1Q/s320/european%2Bcommission%2Benvironment.bmpWhat if all conflicts, in this case the environmental conflicts be resolved with music and dancing? That everything would be different and we all understand it.
Music can serve for all. And one of these ideas is to raise awareness around the world with messages that can help us to live better.

 A similar idea is what has happened to the European Commission for the Environment to make us understand that both the citizens of any city executives and owners of medium and large businesses we can come to understand and live in a better world if we all conserve the environment and we destroy nature, which is all we are getting. For this reason, the overheating of the earth is increasing.

Together we can, say a little intelligence and whether it is with music, much better.

Let the best for our planet Earth. "When business meet environment, everybody wins." 

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