Bon Jovi new album released in 2013

http://www.creandis.com/crushmagazine/images/ftp/noticias/vera1.jpgIt seems that it's been two years since they said in 2011 that during that time period would no longer publish an album together or appear in public. This was made ​​known the Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, featuring the premiere of a new album in late 2012 or early 2013.

"We are in the studio and sounds great. Jon and I were writing, then flew to New York to meet and that left a lot of great things. Work is progressing and I think we can publish it in early 2013". This was announced Sambora in an interview with Rolling Stone in the American version.

According to Sambora says, work is well advanced and both Jon Bon Jovi as he is working on the arrangements of the songs. Just as the famous producer and songwriter Desmond Child is lending a hand to them all.

http://genetikarockradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/bonjovi02.jpgAlso, is expected to be Bon Jovi Tour. So Matthew Bongiovi has commented on Twitter: "@ MatthewBongiovi "Are the band going to be back on the road next year?". On the road by 2013". Similarly, Matthew has also commented on Twitter that does not know any specific date: "Please know When You Ask About tour dates for next Until we have no idea about 3 months prior. So your guess Until then is as good as mine".

But before that, Richie is focusing on what will be his new album after nearly 15 years since publication of the first album "Undiscovered Soul". An album containing classic American rock with some country touches.
Speaking to Rolling Stone, Richie says of his solo career and the fact that the only pigeonhole the band Bon Jovi: "People see me unable to get out of the style of Bon Jovi and I do not see it as a singer, but I was the singer of all the bands I was before Bon Jovi. I hope to change the vision of people with this record. that's what I'll try to do.".

While waiting for the two new albums, both of the band Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora guitarist, fans will have to wait and be content with knowing more about the new musical works and the new tour through the social network Twitter.

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