"Bad" celebrates its 25th birthday with a special edition

The album "Bad" of the deceased King of Pop, Michael Jackson, celebrates its 25 year history. For this reason, once again, Michael raised the hand of the studies that Epic Legacy Recordings will release a special edition entitled "Bad 25" and will be released on September 18.

Whoever says that the King of Pop was dead, is very wrong. His music still sounds more than ever on radio stations, sold more albums since, unfortunately, died three years ago, all the marketing and have been Michael Jackson is still sold in every corner of planet Earth and, now, will mark 25 years of one of his most successful albums, let alone the biggest hit of his career "Thriller" which was the predecessor of "Bad" so that success was more than assured.

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-0ywX-ZEhy_M/T3HugogVXwI/AAAAAAAAJ6I/1uuu4R9gWAY/s1600/30.jpgAs the money maker, but he is no longer among us, can not stop working and benefit from anywhere, Epic Legacy Recordings with John Branca and John McClain have decided to not only remaster and release the album "Bad" CD but also include a CD with unreleased material (such as demos of several songs), and the result is successful, will add a DVD with the concert offered to Prince Charles, Lady Di and 72,000 fans in Wembley Stadium in 1988 and the recording of which was filmed on VHS. It belongs to the personal files of Michael Jackson and has never before been published and the video has been treated to improve picture quality and sound. The title of the whole pack will be titled "Bad 25", how could it be otherwise.

To make a little history for those who have not heard or know anything about the greatest hits of Michael Jackson, saying that "Bad" was released on August 31, 1987. He became the sixth solo studio album recorded by Michael, just after the popular "Thriller" (1982), whose promotional tour ended up going three times in the Guinness Book of Records for bringing together more than 4.4 million viewers in 123 concerts held for 16 months. In addition, prompted nine video clips that became real short as Michael liked to do. Make mini-movies of a song as we remember the music video "Thriller" short film is nearly in the Guinness World Record as the longest music video ever.

"Bad" won two Grammy awards and sold over 45 million copies worldwide thanks, mainly, by hits like "Dirty Diana" "Smooth Criminal", and the song with the same name as the album, "Bad" that everyone will remember the video clip recorded at a subway station, hair in the wind and was burned in an advertisement for branding of Pepsi, and choreographed left with their mouths open to everyone touching to perfection movements between all components of the dance group.

But do not waste any of the other songs they completed an album that also touched perfection in every way with songs like "The Way You Make Me Feel" Michael Jackson where an evil that had proved to be a dark lonely street and trying to seduce a beautiful girl, whose charms the hypnotized, though, it is possible, that more than one girl was impressed with the movements of the legs and hips that Michael made ​​in the video.

Or remember the sexy "Liberian Girl" where they were quoting a movie studio as well known as people Whoppy Goldberg, Paula Abdul, Dan Aykroyd, the magician David Copperfield, Quincy Jones, Olivia Newton-John, Brigitte Nielsen, Steven Spielberg, John Travolta, not to mention his pet chimp Bubbles. A whole cast of friends of the singer who, bewildered and asking "Where's Michael?" were appearing on the scene until that a playful Michael Jackson emerges from the top of a crane studio recording them with a camera and smiling like a happy child.

http://static.lexpress.fr/medias/1215/622318_sans-titre.jpgAs everyone wants to take advantage of this anniversary, a few weeks ago it was announced that Michael Jackson would be the new face of Pepsi campaign for his new Life for now. In this way, a singer will have a presence in over 20 countries and one billion cans in special to commemorate the 25th anniversary of "Bad".

Michael Jackson is still a "bad boy" and it shows with this album reissued and special for all fans of the singer and which goes on sale on September 18 but in anticipation of this exciting launch, which will also reach of all photographic materials unknown fans of the King of Pop will be published on 5 June in the U.S. the first single from "Bad", "I Just Can not Stop Loving You", and 26 of that month will go on sale a replica of the original vinyl of the same subject.

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