Ashton Kutcher is looking for a girlfriend in an online dating site

http://www.sitiosespana.com/fotos/hombres/fotos/a/ashton-kutcher-4.jpgThe happy, or not, divorced Ashton Kutcher has decided that enough is enough of being single and has to work. The actor has decided to find a girlfriend on the internet, as they usually do some of the mortals of this world, see if you're lucky and find his soulmate.

Not that the former husband of actress Demi Moore has become a raving lunatic or he is in a procession of depression, which we doubt fully, to the extent that desperately wants to find someone online, there is something more simpler than anyone can imagine.

The actor has become the image of advertising a dating website and he has posted on YouTube a video that goes characterized in five different ways: a Bollywood producer called Raj, 39, Nigel, 24, Rastafari is a sentimental Darl no definite age, a reinvented Karl Lagerfeld, Swordfish, 29, a southern biker covered in tattoos, and Ashton, 34, a shy and insecure, but handsome actor, as he says. Of course, in this last character imitates himself looking girlfriend. Actor, single, shy and handsome ... It must be that not enough mirrors in your house to look him.

http://www.laguiatv.com/archivos/201205/ashtonkutcher.jpgThe star of the sitcom "Two and a Half Men", thus becoming the substitute for Charlie Sheen, is a consultant since 2010 the company Popchips, a healthy snack company that is behind this marketing campaign and for which the actor acts as advisor to promote the website on the Internet and social networks.

Thus the web worldwidelovers.com, is promoted on the Internet with a star signing, the divorced or single gold of Hollywood's most coveted, as whatever you want to see everyone, especially the unmarried girls.

The boy seems to be that being single again he is laying a great time and it lavishes on the rooftops having a great time working on what he wants and likes and laughing at the situation that makes the headlines in the tabloids.

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