There will be a sequel to "Twins" with Eddy Murphy

http://www.elpeliculasid.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/gemelos-golpean-dos-veces-Twins-Ivan-Reitman-tt0096320-1988-usa.jpgIt seems that Hollywood is thinking minds that fuming with regard to creating new movies for this year 2012, and so I just made a "new" project will be released a little while, ironically speaking of course. This is nothing more and nothing less, "Twins".

With the mouth open when we stayed all we know there will be a sequel to "Twins". Although a few weeks ago it was rumored that may be so, we did not believe that this project would be realized. But Universal Studios, and wanted it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, both with a few more years since the previous film was shot in 1988 and had a blockbuster, will again represent twin brothers. In this way the wish comes true DeVito few weeks ago had said he would like to make a sequel to this film. Said and done, the genius of Hollywood Nights, a touch of magic and check in hand, has launched the machinery "pensive" to create the sequel. 

But this time the genie of the bottle has gone too far. Not only going to make a sequel but also will add a new character to the script.

http://img.europapress.net/fotoweb/fotonoticia_20120330104742_500.jpgAnd yes, again we are left with our mouths open to learn that there are rumors that the script of the film can deal with a third brother appeared as if by magic, the talking heads. You are not twins but triplets. Thus the title of the film changes and will be titled "Triplets". Very original title, of course.  

Neurons apparently have not been able to work more and have decided to do something that has much to do with this. Add a third brother "twin" that does not seem at all like the other two. And to elect a third actor who had to represent, according to The Hollywood Reporter have chosen none other than Eddie Murphy.

Perhaps Murphy can be removed so that big thorn act in order to get a hit movie since lately he has interpreted the films are not giving the expected result or rather have been a complete failure as is the case of "A Thousand Words", which recently won the honor of being awarded disastrous as the worst movie ever, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

For now Universal Pictures and Montecito are talking to key players, who have accepted the project, as with Eddie Murphy. Now I have to find someone crazy enough to want to write the script and also a director as Ivan Reitman, the director of the first film, only act as a producer through his Montecito Picture Company.

While waiting for this film project is launched, we hope Hollywood does not return to give us another big scare with occasional bizarre sequel.

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