Sony is "hacking" herself with "Millenium"

http://pictures.korben.info/2012/03/Millenium-Sony-pirate-son-propre-DVD_portrait_w5321.pngIt seems a contradiction but that's how it happened to Sony and its distributor will pay homage to the protagonist of the saga of "Millenium", Lisbeth Salander, and thus confusing the very respectable happily gone to buy the DVD in the different centers sector and shops.

Those who have bought the American version of "Millennium: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", the latest film from David Fincher, will have been a surprise to get home and just open the boxes found in his inside was a DVD with the handwritten title and same or similar to what can be considered a pirate DVD.

There was immediate reaction and everyone who has bought the film have returned to their place of purchase to warn that what has been sold a pirated DVD. Likewise did the same stores and shopping centers have hit the skies with the distributor of the film to tell you that what they had sent the film was pirated version.

And at first glance, one must admit that the title of the film written on the DVD seems to be written with a single marker.

http://www.seriasdudas.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Girl-with-Dragon-Tatoo-DVD.jpgSo, after several complaints from these consumers, Sony has had to leave to explain to argue that this is actually the original design of the DVD and wanted to give a tribute to the style in the film and no one have wanted to exploit and profit from selling pirate DVDs of the film, if anyone can see, there is little difference in the images because the vast majority are recorded on a film where sound and image that they make desired in comparison with an original DVD, is designed pirated version or not.
So, nobody panic, if anyone has bought the DVD and has found that, pleasant or unpleasant, surprise not curse the gods that the copy is an original distributed by Sony. 

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