Lady Gaga has her own social network

http://www.dhoommasti.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/LittleMonsters1.jpgAnother crazy over the eccentric New York singer Lady Gaga, in addition to preparing a world tour and new songs, has just launched a social network where you can gather all their "monsters" to have a "home" where you can share everything about his idol.

This Thursday, the singer Lady Gaga will be inaugurated the official website of the monsters that follow her wherever she goes in her concerts as much on social networks.

This would not have to wait for their "Mother Monster" publish a statement on Twitter or Facebook to cause mass hysteria among them. From this point the well controlled will have everyone in one place. Know that the diva has more than 21 million followers on Twitter and nearly 50 million fans on Facebook and also to share experiences and interncambiar material may even interact with the singer.

http://estaticos.elperiodico.com/resources/jpg/4/7/1332496568174.jpgIf everything works properly, the web could count on one social platform with nearly 100 million potential users. Of course it's a ballpark figure because it can overcome it perfectly in no time.

Those who have tried have LittleMonsters.com registered users can exchange photos and videos, and to identify sites and facilities (shops, restaurants, bars) that interest them. Establishments that can make a killing if they do occur to them their single-issue mini concentrations and exchange their thoughts and meet in person. Something that would be fine since everything can not be in front of a screen for hours. 

Upon entering the website asks you to write your email to access the "monster" social network. Nothing clikink on the "Get Access", you will receive an email from the web that reads: "Received your invitation request. We are very excited to share the world of 'Little Monsters' with you soon. Stay tuned for an official invitation. "So, you receive the confirmation mail subscription and you become a "little monster" anymore.

http://imagenes.publico.es/resources/archivos/2012/2/8/1328692330376LittleMonster.com!gd.jpgAnother curiosity of the web is that users have a space where you can plan your event attendance can offer the singer. In terms of appearance is very similar to Pinterest and to share all types of content on the main wall where you can view all the publications themselves and others registered on the web. Each user can have their own followers, and Twitter, so you can extend your "monster list".

On the other hand, Lady Gaga has offered an interview with U.S. presenter Oprah Winfrey and told him to be the last interview given in a long time since he wants to focus on his upcoming album and working on his Born This Way Foundation that deals with to help children suffering from bullying, as happened to her.

So if you do not want to lose track of the singer, LittleMonsters.com is a good place to be informed to the second of everything that happens in the world of Lady Gaga, according to their parents, and small "and was missing a screw" . Well, it's about time someone finds it.  

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