Kylie Minogue presents her "anti-tour"

http://www.wotyougot.com/pictures//2012/03/kylie-minogue-anti-tour-annoucement.jpgLike all artists announcing with fanfare that will be your tour of some countries or half a world scenarios such as Lady Gaga or Madonna, Kylie Minogue gives a twist and presents "anti-tour" to celebrate 25 years in music which are known places and dates.

Kylie Minogue puts her musical machinery in motion to celebrate 25 years in the music world and does so in a very special way, with an "anti-tour" or whatever it is, with all the musical material that comes to sound in the commercial radio stations in a usual manner. 

For those who do not know what that means "anti-tour" comment is something ordinary in that the main thing is the music of the artist in particular, in this case, Kylie Minogue, but with a twist. Not sound the usual subjects and the great successes we are so used to hearing on radio and television, what will she sing and be heard B-sides, demos and rarities and songs that could have been the first single from one of his music but failed be. 

Kylie has prepared a series of intimate concerts and close (around 2,000 people) that, for now, will only be for their "super fans" Australia. Intimate concerts and numbered places besides the tickets to the concerts are not going to be relatively affordable to all pockets, ticket prices will roll approximately $ 130. Kylie will offer all the repertoire of rarities, demos and B-sides, an idea, we believe, only the Pet Shop Boys might have happened to them. 

Furthermore, to avoid speculation and resales, all tickets will be nominal and for that reason you must present identification to pick up such as the identity card or passport for anyone traveling to these places, for business or pleasure musical. 

So far only two dates confirmed. One will be in Melbourne on 18 March, and the other will be in Sydney on March 20. In anticipation that we announce more dates for other cities. 

Tickets are strictly limited and will go on sale on Wednesday March 7, through Kylie.com and frontiertouring.com / kylie after noon (Sydney time). 

One of those songs could be possible "Sweet Music", which was the B-side single "Slow" and later became part of the album "Body Language" published in 2004.

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