Justin Bieber gets a beating

http://img2.europapress.net/fotoweb/fotogaleria_30055_500.jpgNobody panic, although many will rejoice upon reading this headline and others, "Beliebers" of course, will have been screaming and stretching the hair as hysterical at the news of such magnitude that their hearts were not allowed to resist. But it has been, Justin Bieber gets a good beating.

A video shows us precisely how the singer, infinite teen idol, Justin Bieber is beaten again and again for two boxers. Charged with taking a hard time and get to the heart attack to "Beliebers" and see the trickle of saliva, blood and punches have been the photographer Tony Kelly and Complex magazine.

With her angel face, scared and dressed in a tuxedo, white shirt and bow tie, although the pretty face and shirt bloodied, climbed into the boxing ring, volunteered to be beaten by the two fighters and that this may have been the singer Canadian who has seen the stars rather than the fans who usually see their "star" favorite.

Justin has defended quite well in front of these two behemoths of boxers who have been very patient, too, some real shots of the singer and had to soportarjunto him a bloody and sweaty photoshoot. Besides being a time when Hulk Hogan in which Justin tries to break the jacket but then nothing shows up with a broken button and shirt open something.

So do not panic and stay calm and do the good that Justin has not anything happened after the beating and when the video shows a beautiful model very kindly heals the wounds and gives him water to rinse.

More than one-and two girls would have liked to be the model at that time and then they had finished giving himself really punches with each other to be near him.

Next time we hope that Justin does not return to give any more to scare his fans because, as all his fans will recall, in an episode of CSI killed by a shot. The next photo shoot or other odd chapter series is quieter and he finishes well the situation although some would have the opposite.

You can watch the video of the photoshoot so suffered.


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