Javier Bardem and Jeremy Renner in striving to be the villain of "The Counselor"

Although a third actor has left the fight, two other big players still in the running to become a villain in what will be the new film project film director Ridley Scott. Before all that, the British director has to release his latest work "Prometheus".

Three aces in a tough game film for the role of villain in the new film from director Ridley Scott but one of them seems to be absolutely ruled out, as is the case with Brad Pitt, although all three have enough interest in the film, in the paper and, of course, the director. The film, "The Counselor" is a big-screen adaptation of a work of Cormac McCarthy, whose script has personally written.

Since the project is confirmed, the actor Michael Fassbender, who has worked under the director in "Prometheus" is a name that sounds more tightly to star in the film. In addition to the other two actors, one of the possible additions, this time for the female of the film is actress Natalie Portman who has outstanding shooting the next two films of Terrence Malick, "Lawless" and "Knight of Cups".

http://www.scifiworld.es/ifdb_imagenes/personajes/89376_ridley_scott_cam.jpgRenner and Bardem have started talks with producers facing one of the two actors interpret the villain of the story, named Reiner. If we entered into discussion of who might be the favorite to represent such a role in the film, Ridley Scott's favorite rehash would Bardem, as was Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor for playing just one character emerged from the imagination of McCarthy "No Country for Old Men". But they are only guesses.

To know a little of what the film will try to mention that "The Counselor" is a thriller that revolves around a lawyer (Michael Fassbender) who thinks he can enter the drug business and not be caught, a bad decision which must survive out of their desperate situation.

But while talks continue with the two actors, according to the website Twitch Film, everyone is involved in a project. On the one hand, Javier Bardem is currently shooting the new film in the series of James Bond, "Skyfall" which plays another villain, while Jeremy Renner, we will see soon in "The Bourne Supremacy".

We shall shortly see which of them is done with the prize of power cidicado play another villain in the film.

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