Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig ¡caught!

http://www.ecartelera.com/images/noticias/fotos/10200/10228/1.jpgYou can see the first images of the actors Javier Bardem and Daniel Craig in what will be a new movie in the saga of Agent 007, James Bond, which is being shot in London and the cameras were able to capture some snapshots of the shoot.

Director Sam Mendes continues in London with the film crew of "Skyfall" shaping what will be the next mission of 007. The shooting continues, and we see Daniel Craig as James Bond, and as usual in the character suit and clean shaven.

Thanks to photos published on the website Just Jared, it finally gives us the first look at Javier Bardem on the set of recording the action film. Bardem, blond, much thinner than what we used to see, with a look of terrible bad looking as if a reporter from the heart, the Spanish actor appears on the film set dressed in a London police and looking invites you to run as given by a word with that face.

Remember that Javier Bardem will next villain in this movie but here he is seen wearing the dress of Scotland Yard. Something poemos guess that will have to do with having to hide in disguise, as usual in the villains, so that the protagonist not hunting early and finish the film in less than pronounced the names of both players.

Little by little we are seeing new pictures and will soon be filming short videos in which the protagonists see in action, or so we hope. Of course, without revealing the greatest secrecy has always hidden a James Bond movie.
http://blogs.20minutos.es/sinefectos/files/2012/03/bond.jpgFor a little more about how working in the shooting of Agent 007, another of the images published by The Daily Mirror stands one of the leading cars in the movie with a "small" camera inside so you do not lose detail some of what might happen in the course of the film.

Have already been filmed several scenes in the British city whose few places to shoot the new film in the series have been in the central area of ​​Whitehall, which include most of the ministries (departments), Parliament and the Abbey Westminster.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-5s85tOt_NvA/T13QQUqvMpI/AAAAAAAAEiE/ukIsDwpqRT8/s1600/skyfall_bardem5.jpgAfter London, the film crew number 23 Bond, to be released in the UK on October 26, will move to Scotland, Shanghai and Istanbul to pursue new shots of the film.

With this film, Javier Bardem plays a childhood dream since as explained qen presenting the next installment of Agent 007, Bond films will bring "good memories" of his youth in Spain and he was sure that the experience would be "very funny".

For Daniel Craig, however, "Skyfall" is the third installment after "Casino Royale" and "Quantum of Solace".

Too bad we can never see the Spanish actor embodying the service agent 007 of Her Majesty the Queen of England as it would come in handy villain character but it will not do anything wrong, for one simple reason, perhaps too contrived and that means nothing to anyone but someone has noticed that Javier Bardem and James Bond have the same initials in their names? There you have it.

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