It will make a movie about comic book theft of Nicolas Cage

http://estaticos03.cache.el-mundo.net/america/imagenes/2012/03/09/estados_unidos/1331326684_0.jpgAny subject you can get to make a movie. A collapse, ecological catastrophe or natural, a kidnapping, an assassination and even theft. This last item is what you will do a film project, a theft. But not any theft but the theft of a very special comic.

We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than theft "of the century" according to which he was owner of a comic book, Action Comics # 1, which is not a comic book either because we are talking about which came first comic character Superman back in 1938 and of which so far today have been preserved in very good condition only 100 copies.

We can not say who owned the comic book was someone anyone, no, we talk about the actor Nicolas Cage was done with that issue at an auction in 1997 for nothing more and nothing less than the whopping amount of $ 150,000.

Lionsgate Studios, convinced that the story of the theft is almost more interesting for fans of the comic that the comic itself, will be responsible for funding this new film project.

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/el-action-comics-1-es-el-comic-mas-caro-de-la-historia/2010_11_29_PHOTO-4be427bc1bd24e86c5db37c8994c4ba0-1291047189-25.jpg?width=645&height=645&type=flat&id=vxtPMXltfkME8DfEt7aiC1&time=1291047238&_=1331498476197&project=lainformacionTo get an idea of ​​what the plot, if you have not followed the story of the robbery, about 3 years after Nicolas Cage, absolute fan of the comics world, buy this issue so special, rated a 9 out of 10 in quality of preservation, was stolen from their property when they came to rob him. The thing does not end there because this Action Comics # 1 appeared in 2011 under mysterious circumstances in a furniture store in southern California (USA) where a settlement company purchased the container where he was.

Everything seemed to be that was the number that was stolen from the actor, and although he believed that would be returned, his exact words were "This must be a divine test". The comic was covered by a policy if it is stolen and the insurance company took over the issue without returning it to its owner. The comic was purchased for over $ 2.1 million.

 To try to make a success film at the box office, the writers developed the script for the film so that revolves around a group of comics fans who plan the stolen copy of Nicolas Cage. Something that can be considered quite credible if the story is added and the odd punch gun otherwise why would almost be stated that they did a cartoon. 

Apparently the signs are that the actor shall not be construed to himself in the film. A fairly large trauma seeing value at that time had the original and also seeing the value which reached at the time of the recent auction.

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