Hollywood tried to do business with Megaupload

http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRgEV_adbnJ8cI7rp0DSab8Tsr-TlR5e4wV8l61bGj8rrgs3buKvcaNUi5oOn Tuesday, the New Zealand press has published several Hollywood studios may have entered into negotiations long before the FBI intervened web page content, Megaupload, accused by U.S. of hacking. Is not gold all that glitters.

According to the New Zealand Herald, the Megaupload web is supposedly emails show that several Hollywood studios such as Disney, Warner Bros, Fox and Turner Broadcasting declined to negotiations with the download site.

The executives of these studies also are companies that have complained of violations of their copyrights, supposedly asking Megaupload, share content and conduct joint advertising deals. On the same path is followed Warner Bros apparently expressed his intention to go to the website all its contents at once instead of video on video. On the other hand, while, Fox and Turner Broadcasting asked Megaupload discuss joint advertising projects and the sharing of the benefits.

Thus, it is questioned whether these media companies are wolves in sheep's clothing who have lost their white skin, pure and innocent, supposedly, in the time when the news has been discovered.

But that's not all because, according to New Zealand still has the newspaper, believes that about 490 accounts for the site belonged to members of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIA) and in overall, they went up a total of 16,455 web files to Megaupload.

Very quiet had it all but there are still more surprises as they also seek to prove that some 1,058 members of the site belonged to U.S. government institutions, including the FBI, the "ogre" who has tried to end the business of shared files , NASA and the U.S. courts, as well as the existence of some 15,634 military accounts of the U.S., who have risen to 340,893 files Megaupload.

U.S. wants judge Megaupload seven executives, including at Dotcom, cofounder of the web, and the three executives arrested in New Zealand, various hacking crimes, organized crime and money laundering, accusing them of intellectual property damage over 500 million dollars and have gotten illegally revenues of over $ 175 million. 

If all this proves true and the discovery in the event messages that these companies had tried negotiating with Megaupload would be a scandal to all with the result that all organized by the FBI to end the industry discharges supposedly illegal, would head away and everything would be as if nothing had happened. At least for a reason for others to eat the toenails of the rage of not being able to put them, eternally, in prison. 

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