Filtering a footage of the remake of "Total Recall"

http://aroundthenetworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/total_recall_2012.jpgNippon country has come a leaked video of 30 seconds duration in which we can see some of the new version of "Total Recall" starring, this time, the actor Colin Farrell. So far the only thing that has been seen waiting for the official trailer for the remake.

 It seems that movie fans and nostalgic, especially, movies of the 80 and 90 are eager to want to know more about the remake of the movie "Total Recall". So this footage has been leaked, which is clearly real, and presented during the last Comic Con in Japan. In it shows what will be the new version of the film in 1990 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger with Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside led by director Paul Verhoeven. This time is the director Len Wiseman, who directed "Die Hard 4.0", which has taken over the remake. 

This time none of these actors are the protagonists of the film in 2012. At sixty Schwarzenegger actor Colin Farrell replaced, a burly young-looking thirty-something that will delight all. Not compare one with another, of course.

The idea, how could it be otherwise, remains the same as in 1990, one company offers the ability to make dreams come true memories. Farrell's character, Doug Quaid, a man of appearance and seemingly quiet life, is tormented by a nightmare every night being transported to Mars. He then decides to use the Recall Laboratory, a virtual vacation company that offers the opportunity to realize his dream thanks to a strong hallucinogen, but the drug makes in its report arising stay true on Mars as a ruthless agent Coohagen. 

Of course, things have changed a lot since the film was made in the early 90's and as you can see in the teaser, the special effects are more developed and, perhaps, the film seems to be more agile in one of the moments of a fight, you can imagine, it will not be the only one of all the tape. 

So we must not detract from the original, on the contrary. It may be remembered, entered a little in the years, that moment when a woman's head is opened or swell as the characters in one of the crucial moments of the plot. Of course, not going to reveal anything more than what may be the film itself, we should expect to see the movie to drop a tear of nostalgia for times past. 

While still awaiting the actual trailer, at least this video gives us an idea of ​​what we see in the remake to be released in the U.S. in August. As Sony Pictures Entertainment has found that users of Youtube are very fast and has decided to cut their losses by not letting any video available of copyright issues but you can see in some other site. 

Welcome to 2084, in the 90's was quite far, today is just around the corner.

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