"Extraterrestre" the new Spanish film by Nacho Vigalondo

http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR21qmSn-Bs6ksbbJueMU9sJ3oXDEIpUf1Irhj4DvsvG0vgvA5exa5apyITThe Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo presents his second feature film titled "Extraterrestre" (Alien) in which we have a real love affair with flying saucer included. A film of crazy and insane created and formed by an exceptional mind and at the same time, very mad that will not leave anyone indifferent.

A real genius of the Spanish cinema and largely untapped, sure, few people know of why they have not ever seen in a television commercial for glasses on a donkey with two other characters. With that money they gained as an actor ad has been shooting his first short, to become his first film, with only two movies, someone to follow and a great talent to be considered in a present rather than future very next.

Nacho Vigalondo is already a old dog in the world of management and the shooting and he knows what he wants in every project he has done. This was intended to show in its new and second movie "Alien" where everything that has crossed his mind as he has captured with a smaller budget than other movies of lower quality than expected. Hence, just leave a extratrerrestre as Vigalondo said: "If I had more money would have made ​​the same film with the alien invasion out of hand.".

http://media.redmujer.com/noticias/555/20110928153847-julian-villagran-elegido-mejor-actor-fantastic-fest-extraterrestre-vigalondo.jpg"Extraterrestre", whose characters are played by Michelle Jenner, Julián Villagrán, Carlos Areces, Raúl Cimas y Miguel Noguera, about a couple (Julia and Julio) who wake up in the same bed after a drunken and having had a night crazy. Neither remembers nothing of the other. There is something that bothers them is that the two streets are empty, no phone or television. The cause is an alien invasion with the help of the security forces have evicted people from the streets. Only they seem to be a boyfriend wanting to be a hero and a disturbing and annoying neighbor.

The rest of the film must be seen, with or without popcorn, this Friday in theaters in Spain at the moment. Who wants to see it outside of Spain there are only asking for a production company and to be responsible for all advertising and distribution in theaters around the country that is. You have to sponsor and see Spanish films of quality and this is one of the movies listed.

Remember that Nacho Vigalondo is not only known here in Spain but also in Hollywood and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Short in 2004. He received several awards and at film festivals and Alcine magazine chose him as the best Spanish short film of the decade from 2000 to 2010.

The short film entitled "7:35 de la mañana" (7:35 in the morning), lasts 8 minutes and is recorded in black and white. Vigalondo is the writer, star, music composer and director of the film. The only thing missing was distributed himself in all the cinemas and make individual presentation to each of the spectators.

Previously he had already recorded another short titled "Domingo" (Sunday), which lasts just over three minutes and tells the story of a bride and groom sighting unidentified flying object while spending a Sunday in the field.

http://cdn.revistavanityfair.es/uploads/images/thumbs/201212/nacho_vigalondo_2971_300x496.jpgHow could it be otherwise, his great head and imagination comes his first feature film in 2007, "Los Cronocrímenes" (Timecrimes), which tells the story of a man who will be immersed in a journey through time in which a crime, a puzzle and an enigmatic man with the bandaged face will be very important throughout the film. The film was a huge critical success, not in Spain but of course outside our borders, and several awards at major festivals around the world, but until 2008 was not released in Spain.

For those who have not had the pleasure and the pleasure of seeing can still buy the DVD at a very reasonable and the you will enjoy and know more about this director who give much to talk as it has been though briefly, that if before not going out of Spain to succeed and not get to be a prophet in his land.

And yes, also had its version of "remake" the film North American as enjoyed in the United States, while director Steven Zaillian, writer of screenplays as "Schindler's List" or "Millennium: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", acquired the rights and directed by, in the words of Zaillian, the film quality and the admiration for it. Its English title was "Timecrimes".

If you do not have anything too important to do, is a good time for starting this Friday you go to Spanish cinemas, waiting to be many theaters to see "Extraterrestre". Let's wait to see if it can be seen in other countries. Fresh air and fresh opportunities for Spanish cinema is still in recession because of the few grants they receive, yet there are good Spanish films, and that a budget can still do a movie of extraordinary quality like this that makes you can not get off the seat of the cinema.

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