Clive Owen last signing of the movie "Blood Ties"

http://www.elmulticine.com/imagenes/noticias/2/clive-owen-pic.jpgBritish actor Clive Owen has been the latest addition to the cast of the film "Blood Ties". An extraordinary team of actors luxury that will be under the orders of the French actor and director Guillaume Canet. And that still is not closed the deal and continue negotiations with other actors.

Since a couple of years started to rise to the idea of the film, there have been many obstacles that have been found along the way up to today and be closed, almost definitely, the cast of actors who give life the characters in the new film by Guillaume Canet. 

Still, there is still pending closing of the financing but seeing the quality of the actors do not seem to be any problem with it to fix it as soon as possible since the beginning of the shooting will be starting next month in New York.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter website, in the absence of a last-minute latest additions could be added as the actor Matthias Schoenaerts, the extraordinary cast of actors would be composed of Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Mila Kunis, James Caan, Marion Cotillard and Zoe Saldana. As expected Guillaume Canet himself will also have their role in the film.

http://www.elseptimoarte.net/imagenes/noticias/25171.jpg"Blood Ties" is the American version of the French film "Liens de sang", film that starred the same Guillaume Canet in 2008 with François Cluzet and Clotilde Hesme, and directed by Jacques Maillot.

James Gray co-wrote the screenplay for this thriller along Canet himself. The film is set in the 70's and revolves around two brothers each on the opposite side of the law. The younger brother is a cop who will have to ask for help from older, a ex-convict recently paroled after spending ten years in prison for murder. While struggling to stay away from his previous life, the older brother is forced to return to the criminal world to help his brother. As if this were not enough, to make matters worse, the younger brother is still in love with the wife of the criminal who helps him escape.

It promises to be a great movie and his actors well worth it. Just have to wait for its release and so we will clear all doubts. 

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