"The Woman in black", a start in the career of Daniel Radcliffe

http://www.abc.es/Media/201202/08/daniel-radcliffe--644x362.JPGActor Daniel Radcliffe, well-known for having starred in all the series of films J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Sorcerer's Apprentice, is on tour promoting the film is its maturity with the movie "The Woman in black" and demonstrating to the public that his time with the hat and wand have come to an end.

And as a sort of once upon a time, Daniel begins "It is only the first step", implying that there is a long road ahead to break through as an actor in different roles in different movies and interpretation.

http://www.elmulticine.com/imagenes/noticias/6/daniel-mujer-negro-pic33.jpg"I never thought I would make one paper in ten years, but I have to accustom the public to be made to the idea that I will see in other films and think no more 'Harry Potter'". Although this paper will be recognized throughout life, which happens very often with some actors who just pigeonholing ever in their roles, the actor buried in a symbolic sense the character that has given fame and the beginning of his career film.

But thanks to this character and the experience has been acquired over the years, Daniel Radcliffe has been able to afford to start choosing their characters: "I read two or three scripts, but when I saw this I knew I would I won that was really scary and I never thought I would enjoy a horror movie", he explains. "It's a movie for players who enjoy 'The Others' or 'The Orphanage' is to do with friends that you can laugh while you get scared.".

Making a brief summary of what is "The Woman in black", Daniel said: "It talks about issues that are from seven million years ago within us: the fear of noises do not know where they come, darkness, animal fears. it is very refreshing for young people who are used to so much blood".

For those who have the curiosity to know more about the film saying that "The Woman in black" tells the story of a young lawyer who has to sell an old house in a small town in the English countryside. However, in addition to the insignificant inconvenience that this house is totally isolated at high tide, since coming to own people and begins to glimpse the atmosphere of suspicion and mystery with the strange behavior of the few residents who live on site . To the environment in which they live is dark and gloomy, with a constant overcast skies.

A film to be considered but not expect the screen fills with blood and will not spill even a drop. It will be a film full of surprises that can come to the delight of the spectators provided from getting into the mood of the film.

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