Whitney Houston dies at the age of 48

Whitney Houston, music, deathAccording to reports from TMZ and the Associated Press, American singer Whitney Houston has passed away February 11 at the age of 48 years for reasons unknown at the Beverly Hilton. She was at the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills to attend the ceremony of the Pre-Grammys.

Whitney Houston, who reigned as queen of pop music with an amazing voice but over time its real image or voice were devastated by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, has died at the age 48, according to spokeswoman Kristen Foster. 

According to Beverly Hilton hotel manager, received a call from medical type, then confirmed death of Whitney Houston. No evidence of criminal hand in the death of Whitney Houston, but no trace of drug use, confirming the hotel. 

Whitney Houston, death, music
Paramedics found her dead in the bathroom of the room out of the tub and tried to resuscitate reported that Whitney Houston but without success. They could not confirm whether there was abuse in death.

The last time the news of the death of the singer says they have found no illegal drugs in the hotel room where the dead have been found, at least for now, but did find prescription drugs.

Following the situation in which Whitney Houston found on site will require an autopsy to determine if there was an overdose, if drowned in the bathtub or died from some other cause, although the first possibility that the singer drowned in the bath is quite likely but not ruled out the others.

Informed sources say the Beverly Hills police were still investigating in the room at the time this article was published. We found several bottles of pills. No signs of evidence that Whitney had used alcohol in the room. 

Houston was the golden girl of the music industry. From the 1980s until late 1990, was one of the artists who had sold millions of album in the world. Captivated the audience with a prodigious voice effortlessly powerful, the songs rooted in black churches, but very acceptable to the public with a pop sheen.

Whitney Houston, death, musicHer success took the music beyond the movies, where he starred in such hits as "The Bodyguard" and "Waiting to Exhale".

Her voice and the perfect image: a magnificent singer who had much sex appeal, but it was never an overtly sexual image, it maintained the perfect balance.

Whitney Houston influenced a generation of young singers, from Christina Aguilera to Mariah Carey, when it first came out it sounded so much like Houston that many thought the songs were written by her.

But by the end of her career, Houston became a cautionary tale to become a victim of drug use. Her record sales plummeted and the blows in his life and his health came from all sides.

Her serene image was shattered by a savage behavior and strange public appearances. She confessed that she abused cocaine, marijuana and pills, and his voice became hoarse rough and pristine, unable to reach the high notes as he did during his prime.

It was a tragic fall of a superstar who was one of the artists that record sold in pop music history, with over 55 million albums sold in the United States.

Whitney Houston, death, music, partyWhitney's return in 2009 with the album "I Look To You" which debuted at the top of music charts and made to schedule a world tour. However, only confirmed suspicions that the singer had lost his most precious gift, since she could not reach the high notes of his greatest hits and left fans very disappointed and even going to leave the concert before time.

Concerts canceled by what came to assume that she was abusing drugs, but she denied these claims and said he was in great shape. For this reason and for cancellations of future concerts, Whitney Houston wanted to blame the illnesses suffered.

Rumors that the singer could have returned to their usual routine drug and alcohol services that had lately been starring in several images of scandal and ruin caused both personally and professionally have been present at this time, but those closest to comment Whitney was recovering from all of that tragic episode in her life.

This past Thursday was spotted in Hollywood leaving a place with a disastrous image numb and staring, as recently published image in the news website TMZ.

That same night there is this video recorded from a cell phone in which Whitney Houston singing appears, briefly, the song "Yes, Jesus loves me I" coming on stage to be seen as his voice is quite hoarse screaming mad though of those present also heard clearly left that little is heard singing, the singer recites during that short time.

CNN has reported that this year the American singer had planned to release a new album on the market.

Drugs, once again, have made a lifetime of prodigious talent and a voice for all types of music Pop, Gospel, R & B finished with a shattered life until death.

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