"The Scratist" parody-promotion of "Ice Age: Continental Drift"

http://www.coestrenos.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/ice-age-continental-drift.jpgSince no two without three, the Ice Age animated series returns with its fourth installment titled "Ice Age: Continental Drift". For its new development has not been able to choose best-known character and unmistakable squirrel Scrat parodying the movie "The Artist".

Blue Sky Studios has submitted a third short film and, therefore, official trailer that serves the cause of promoting the future release of "Ice Age: Continental Drift" new installment to be released in Spain and the United States in July 2012.

This time the squirrel Scrat, star of Blue Sky Studios, gets into the skin of the actor Jean Dujardin and stars in this "sequel" of black and white film and was nominated for an Oscar, "The Artist". The parody is entitled "The Scratist". 

During the first half of this short promotion can be seen Scrat and his relentless desire to find an acorn to put in their mouth. Moments "star" of this animal in search of their favorite dish. The second half is devoted exclusively to the premiere of the animated film in which you can see very brief snippets of it and puts us in the situation they will face its characters: Manny, Diego and Sid, whose new venture will right after the continental cataclysm caused, as usual, by Scrat.

For those who want to continue enjoying these animated characters and their adventures here you can enjoy the trailer waiting for the premiere of the movie.


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