Sacha Baron Cohen is facing Hollywood before the Oscars

http://general.cinequo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/12.jpgSacha Baron Cohen, actor known for his follies and movies like "Borat" and "Bruno" is censored by the Academy Awards and removed their tickets to attend the ceremony Ocar if it comes down the red carpet dress character of his latest film.

It seems that Hollywood and the Film Academy seem to have a great sense of humor and prefer the glamor of movie stars to perform before the Oscars ceremony which sometimes has been the most boring. For this reason they have decided to give a warning to British actor Sacha Baron Cohen to make him understand that if He comes dressed as the character of his latest film, it will not come to the ceremony at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles but has participated in the movie "Hugo".

The English humorist is also a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and is the protagonist of "Hugo" is nominated for 11 Oscars. It seems that not enough curriculum so He can let go dressed like he wants to go and promote his film.

http://www.objetivofamosos.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/baron-cohen-dictador-port.jpgSacha Baron Cohen was planning to come to the show dressed as the character in his latest work, a totalitarian leader who wants to prevent democracy comes to your country. Given that possibility, the Academy put on high alert and asked the representatives of Baron Cohen and Paramount to explain exactly what the actor intends to do at the Oscars, to which have not yet received a response.

The comic is put fully into character and goes everywhere so completely disguised. With a full uniform gallons, gold everywhere and a dazzling white. But there is a problem, however "dictator" it can not gain access to the Oscars 2012 and will be or not to abide by the rules of Hollywood.

Through the official website of "The Dictator," which will premiere in May, it appealed to the media quoting them for Friday. The reason is that the actor, or rather the Aladeen General, issue a press release to address that issue. "General Aladeen give a formal reply tomorrow morning, before his expulsion from the Oscar by the Academy of Arts Zionist", the citation from the web.

Threatening, is a way of saying, with "unimaginable consequences" to an institution that qualifies as "Zionist", Baron Cohen requires the return of their localities occur before noon on Sunday and jokes that his agenda for that day now "as empty as a North Korean supermarket". Continuing his speech dictatorial, actor regrets losing two million dollars that says he paid Hilary Swank to accompany him to a gala that also criticizes the lack of nominations to the imaginary country films directed by General Aladeen. He ends his speech with: "Death to the West!, Death to America! And Good luck to Billy Crystal, you're fantastic".

Recall that in the Oscars 2007, Cohen offered to provide one of the prizes, but he said he requested that he would dress as his character "Borat". The answer was that the organization could not do that, so that the actor did not attend the ceremony.


The General has spoken Aladeen and stakes are high between the actor and the Academy Awards. Is short for the Oscars and neither wants to budge. A, Hollywood, to remain the land of ultimate glamor, and Baron Cohen to continue promoting her film wherever he goes.

Hollywood has not been long in coming and responded in a statement to the action that the actor has planned. In it is stated that "the Academy would love to have Sacha at the event. We let you know what our opinion on the use of carpet red as a promotion of his film and we are waiting to hear from him.". Some rally does not hurt by the Academy but we believe that Hollywood is not going to get what they expected because the free publicity of the film is done.

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