Paris Hilton prepares her second album

http://p2.trrsf.com/image/get?src=http%3A%2F%2Fvgn-liveb-mia.terra.com%2Fwebimg%2FMexico%2FImagenes%2FEntretenimiento%2F3D%2FA3%2F30%2FParis_Hilton20120108053739.jpg&o=cf&vs=301x464&hs=619x464The versatile model, actress, singer, businesswoman, fashion designer, author, philanthropist and descriptive adjectives with which she calls herself, again enter the world of music this time in the recording studio to prepare their second album.

Since she published her first self-titled album in 2006, the celebrity Paris Hilton has abandoned music in no time, although being in a hypothetical background, except that this time is again front page of the current music.

Paris is preparing thoroughly, his second musical offspring and she is not alone in this project. For his second album has artillerría heavy as it has been associated with a cast of world-renowned artists and currently known.

Through her Twitter account, Paris Hilton has revealed that already in the studio producing all the material has to make the new album.

One of the photos sent by millionaire heiress itself through its Twitter account is seen with Flo Rida and DJ Afrojack.

Paris said in an interview with MTV: "This album will have a whole new genre. I have to Afrojack as executive producer of the album so we'll have more amazing tracks."
To dispel doubts on the question of how will his new album, also added: "I am a passionate about house music. Always been my passion. Even I could not focus on it because I've been doing reality shows for a long time. I have been working for the album with many top DJ and I think people will surprise you very much. it is very modern and catchy. perfect party music. "

The TV star says, moreover, that she has been working with Redfoo of LMFAO and Snoop Dogg. It is anticipated that the album will be ready the middle of this year. Good date since the summer it is pretty close and will serve to determine whether or not the tracks full of the best clubs in the world as she does every time you visit one.
It seems that Paris Hilton never have enough and not get bored in their daily lives. Hence you have to be in constant motion to continue amassing wealth and power to spend more than one billion euros that has gained in the last six years thanks to their business: 35 stores, 17 product lines, a racing team , 14 fragrances and Paris Hilton Beach Club chain. Almost anything!

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