Lenny Kravitz prepares new album, "Negrophilia"

http://www.galiciaclic.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Lenny-Kravitz-01.jpgAfter releasing his last album to date, "Black and White America" whose result was not expected to uneven results among critics and audiences, Lenny Kravitz returns to the recording studio to begin a musical rebirth.

Just six months the New York singer released his latest album in the music market and is already putting the finishing touches to the next musical project since it has very advanced.

This is the tenth work of Kravitz, which will be entitled "Negrophilia" apparently along the lines of his previous owner. Even with no scheduled release date.
Singer in his own words: "It's very funky and very, very crude."Black And White America" was really produced. Although it was very natural and organic was a very hard place. But that was what I wanted at that time. However "Negrophilia" is an album very raw and edgy. "

The amazing thing about the disc is so advanced is that Lenny Kravitz and was working while he continued writing songs from his previous work. As he says, revealing that it is an unusual singer: "I'm so strange. At the end of the day I find myself where I have taken inspiration. So, if I'm working on an album, and suddenly, I go in another direction because it is so decided the inspiration, I just accept it."
http://www.lovevalencia.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/Lenny-Kravitz-Valencia-2012.jpgLenny Kravitz will leave your skin to end "Negrophilia" as soon as possible but still does not know when it will be ready as the tour of his previous album worldwide will continue until at least next summer. That does not mean you have it ready soon as it has not left the door open for the publication is earlier than normal, "I could draw really soon but will not be ready within a few years. Come the exact moment that will have to come to light. I feel more comfortable working this way."

In addition to the album, the musician is scheduled to return to the movies this year after his performance in "Precious" (2009). This new foray into the world of film will be thanks to an adaptation of the book of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games "and slated for March in the United States.
We wait for Lenny Kravitz to end his last tour, record the movie at hand and finish recording and producing his new album to see the result, whether it will be crude and sharp as we were used.

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